Channel your inner data-loving self, even if you don’t consider yourself a coder

Love cars, there is a reason to code for that! Photo by Boitumelo Phetla from Unsplash

Using relevant tweets to understand how people feel about brands (Now you can put that on your resume!)

All the emotions, as demonstrated by eggs! — Photo by Tengyart from Unsplash

Using R to graph how female representation in government has increased over the past 24 years for International Women’s Day. Hint, it's not enough!

Going from storytelling Presidential Approval Ratings to making a movie about it with R!

Figure 1 — Animated Chart comparing the approval ratings of each president to Donald Trump in their first 4 years

Use text, vertical lines and relevant titles to tell a story of Presidential Approval Ratings in R!

The Reputational Consequences of Robinhood’s Broken Brand Promise

Twitter Post from Robinhood in 2016 promoting democratized trading of stocks and securities

Visualizing approval polls across Presidents over the past 75 years

How to use Twitter, R and creativity to download and build an evolving map GIF!

Dylan Anderson

Simulation & Strategy Consultant at Deloitte. Code in R & blog about politics using data. Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter or at my blog

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